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Is it the TRUTH?

Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

If you are a leader in your profession, working or want to work in accordance with these principles, you have enough for yourself and want to help others who do not, and who need help, and you are interested to become a Rotarian and a member of the oldest club in Serbia, Belgrade RC, you can contact us.


Rotary areas of activity

Weekly meetings

RC Belgrade meets
Thursdays at 20:00
at hotel Hyatt in Belgrade

Kursulina 14, 11000 Beograd

fiksni: +381 11 2440 440

mob: +381 63 214 377

e-mail: office@rotarybeograd.org

About us - Rotary Club of Beograd

Rotary Club of Belgrade is working under the Rotary District 2483, which consist of more than 60 clubs in the Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro.

Club is the oldest Rotary Club in our area, which has significantly contributed to the development and expansion of Rotary and conducted a number of humanitarian and other socially useful activities.

Genealogy of Rotary in Serbia & Montnegro

Members of the club, at the moment, are mainly: the owners of successful small and medium-sized companies a wide range of activities (construction, architecture, engineering, transport, computing, telecommunications, chemicals, media, etc.), the directors and managers of large national and international companies, bankers, prominent lawyers, consultants, cultural and sports professionals and others.

The club currently has 24 members, which can be found on the page http://rotarybeograd/rs/members

Rotary Club of Belgrade is the founder and publisher of the magazine Serbian Rotar. The first edition was printed in March 2011. Since October 2013 the magazine is published only in online form.

All editions, you can view online at our website.

We celebrated 20 years anniversary of the foundation in 2012th, on which occasion we published monograph ROTARY CLUB BELGRADE - 20 years of Rotary re-establishment in Serbia, which you can also read online at our website.

Holders of Paul Harris Fellowship Award at our club are:

Active members:

  • Dragan Brajer (twice),
  • Ljubomir Hadži Đorđević,
  • Čedomir Petrinjac, (2011)
  • Hadži Dušan Glušac (2012)
  • Duka Samardžić

Ex members:

  • Dr Miroljub Stanojković

Rotary clubs which we established:

  • Zemun 1995,
  • Novi Sad 1995,
  • Singidunum 1996,
  • Kragujevac 1997,
  • Kraljevo 2002,
  • Kruševac 2002,
  • Pančevo 2004,
  • Beograd - Internacional 2004,
  • Beograd - Dedinje 2009.

RC Beograd founded the Rotaract Club of Belgrade in 1994.

Rotary clubs with which we have friendly relationship:

Rotary Club Belgrade was founded in 1928. as one of two first founded Rotary clubs in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians (Kingdom of Yugoslavia since 1929. till 1941.).

The first (Charter) president of RC Belgrade was Ferdinand Gramberg, industrialist and humanitarian. Famous members in this period were Mihailo Petrović Alas and Milan Stojadinovic, pre-war prime minister of the government of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, who was the district governor and board member of RI, the only one in our region to this day. For a short time, during 1939. , a member of our club was also Ivo Andric.

Activities of Rotary in our country have been closed at the beginning of World War II. 

The club re-established in 1992. after a long period in which the idea of ​​Rotary as a "western" organizations were not accepted by the former authorities.

The first (Charter) president of re-established RC Belgrade was a lawyer Dragan Brajer, current director of the Rotary Foundation Districts 2483 Serbia and Montenegro for the period 2013 to 2016, PDG (Former Districts Governor) 2481 2010/2011, and twice holder Paul Harris Fellowship award.