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Is it FAIR to all concerned?


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If you are a leader in your profession, working or want to work in accordance with these principles, you have enough for yourself and want to help others who do not, and who need help, and you are interested to become a Rotarian and a member of the oldest club in Serbia, Belgrade RC, you can contact us.


Rotary areas of activity

Weekly meetings

RC Belgrade meets
Thursdays at 20:00
at hotel Hyatt in Belgrade

Kursulina 14, 11000 Beograd

fiksni: +381 11 2440 440

mob: +381 63 214 377

e-mail: office@rotarybeograd.org

History of the club

Rotary Club Beograd is registered as a civic association on 7th May 1992 by a decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, and was adopted by Rotary International Board of Directors decision dated 8 May of the same year.

Chartered in 1928 as in District 77,

Rechartered in 1992 as in District 1910,

In 2000 as in District 2480.

In 2007 as in District 2481.

Since 2011 – 2012 as in District 2483 Serbia and Montenegro

Reopening of the Rotary Club of Beograd, the first one in Serbia after the Second World War, was not easy and simple. Difficult political situation, the breakup of Yugoslavia, and finally the war that engulfed some parts of the country, hampered the work of enthusiasts who have worked on the restoration of Rotarian movement.

The initiative to reopen the Club in Belgrade gave Mr. Petro Pop – Stefania in June 1989. He then addressed a letter to the RI headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland,

with the proposal to re-establish a Rotary Club in Belgrade.

Per Brener, RI Director for Central Europe, Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, gave a positive response, and not only for initiative in Belgrade, but also in Zagreb and Ljubljana.

In addition, there was a general view that the RI, with due caution, will reopen the clubs in the so-called Eastern Bloc countries, which in those years, experienced dramatic changes.

Initiativ Committee for the club establishing was founded on 25 November 1989 and consited of:

1. Dragan BRAJER, President





6. Dimitrije DŽAMBAZOVIĆ

Further development of an unfavorable political situation in Yugoslavia complicates the process of registering the Rotary Club of Beograd. Rotary Club of Graz - Schlossberg refused to accept sponsorship, and Paul Malate - Pokorny, the former governor of District 1910, which is assigned by RI to expand Rotary in Yugoslavia, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, gave a suggestion that sponsorship should be taken by some of Viennese clubs.

Initiative Committee of Rotary Club of Beograd made other contacts to expedite the legalization of the Club.

Goran Alikafić, a newly admitted member, at the end of 1990 visited Japan and gave a speach in the Japan Branch Office of Rotary International about Belgrade initiative and gain support for the club.

During 1990 and 1991 the Initiative Committee membership increased and new members became:

1. Nikola TASIĆ


3. Ljubomir Hadži ĐORĐEVIĆ

4. Nikola MANDIĆ

5. Petar RAKIN


7. Srbislav MILOVANOV

8. Razik ZARUK

9. Smiljka SORETIĆ

10. Dejan ČIKARA

11. Duško MILOVIĆ

12. Goran KAPISODA

13. Ilija VOLČKOV

As of February in 1991 the Club began to meet regularly on Thursdays at 20 pm at the Hyatt, and the Governor Hubert Papusek on 20 June 1991 granted a status of  the PROVISIONAL ROTARY CLUB OF BEOGRAD.

Sponsorship was accepted by the Rotary Club of Geras, and Arthur Strominger,  Governor for Rotarian year 1991/1992, determined past Governor Mary Zailer-Tarbuka as a  DGSR in further process of forming the Rotary Club of Begrad.

Aplication for Membership was submitted on 21 March and officially Chartered on 8 May,1992.


1. Dragomir ACOVIĆ, BSc. Architecture  – Heraldry

2. Goran ALIKAFIĆ, BSc. Electrical Engineering - Sales of electronic equipment

3. Ljubomir ANĐELKOVIĆ, Arhitecture – consulting

4. Vasilije BADRLJICA, BSc. Technology - Petrochemical

5. Dragan BRAJER, Lawyer - Advocacy * / Rotary Club of Beograd


6. Dr Dejan ČIKARA, BSc. Eng. of  Metallurgy - Process Engineering * / Rotary Club of  Beograd - Stari Grad

7. Branko DANILOVIĆ, BSc. Eng. of  Transport - Aviation - Technical Service */Rotary Club of Beograd

8. Srđan DEDIĆ, Economist  – Weapons and Military Equipment

9. Mr Dušan ĐORĐEVIĆ, Ecconomist – Aviation Management

10. Dimitrije DŽAMBAZOVIĆ, Tourism

11. Ljubomir Hadži ĐORĐEVIĆ, BSc. Chemist - Laboratory Equipment Sales

* / Rotary Club of Beograd

12. Slobodan JANKOVIĆ, Agricultural Technician – Food Manufacturing * */ Rotary Club of Beograd - Dedinje

13. Goran KAPISODA, BSc. Economics - Accounting

14. Nikola MANDIĆ, Lawyer  – Banking * * /Rotary klub Beograd

15. Srbislav MILOVANOV, Pilot - Air Transport 

16. Duško MILOVIĆ, BSc. Eng. of Agriculture - Selling of Bee Products * / Rotari Club of Beograd

17. Đurđe NINKOVIĆ, Lawyer - Advocacy

18. Dušan PETROVIĆ, Producer – Theatre

19. Zoran POPOVIĆ, BSc. Economics –  Diplomacy

20. Časlav RADOVIĆ, Journalist - Television Journalism

21. Dr Petar RAKIN, BSc. Eng of Technology - Research and Development *  /Rotary Club of Beograd

22. Beatrice SAUTER, BSc. Economics –  Cosmetics

23. Smiljka SORETIĆ, BSc. of  Philology - English - Librarian

24. Dr Nenad STANKOVIĆ, Doctor of Medicine - Microsurgery

25. Marko ŠANJEVIĆ, Architecture  – Designing

26. Dr Nikola TASIĆ, Archeology * / Rotary Club of Beograd - Singidunum

27. Dr Ilija VOLČKOV, BSc. Electrical Engineering - University Professor

28. Razik ZARUK, Ambassador of Sri Lanka - Diplomacy

29. Jovan ZDRAVKOVIĆ, Ttourismologist - Congress Tourism * /Rotary Club  of Beograd - Singidunum


*     Continuous membership in the Rotary Club

* *  With termination of membership in Rotary


Dragan Brajer 1992/93

+ Goran Alikalfić 1993/94

Nikola Tasić 1994/95

+ Petar Rakin 1995/96

Dimitrije Tomović 1996/97

Vojin Starčević 1997/98

Miodrag Zagorac 1998/99

Vladimir Mlađan 1999/00

Miroslav Šovran 2000/01

Predrag Đorđević 2001/02

Branko Krasojević 2002/03

Miroljub Stanojković 2003/04

Ljubomir Hadži-Đorđević 2004/05

Milan Knežević 2005/06

Duka Samardžić 2006/07

Radosav Mitrović 2007/08

Nikola Mandić 2008/09

Srđan Sretenović 2009/10

Srđan Milinković 2010/11

Veselin Kovačević 2011/12

Zoran Zdravković 2012/13 – Vice President Trivko Tića Savić

Čedomir Petrinjac 2013/14

Hadži Dušan Glušac 2014/15